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Exercise DVD Exercise DVD

Exercise DVD Exercise DVD Exercise DVD Exercise DVD Exercise DVD
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Exercise DVD
Exercise DVD Exercise DVD

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Senior Exercise DVD, This Seniors Exercise DVd has Easy Pilates, Calisthenics, Isometrics,Stretching and Balance Exercises

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This Senior Exercise DVD has Easy Fitness sitting & standing exercises for Senior citizens, Elderly, Overweight People. This Senior Easy Fitness Exercise DVD can also be used by Senior Community Centers, Senior citizens Assisted living, Senior Groups, Senior Recreation Exercises and has Basic Easy Seniors Strength Exercises.Great also f or Arthritis Exercies, Diabetes and Osteoporosis Exercises

Easy Exercises Seniors / Elderly  & Rehab Strength Fitness Exercises

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If you’re a senior citizen, an overweight person who wants to do Easy Gentle Exercises this Senior Elderly Easy Exercise DVD is designed especially for you. With Pilates, Isometric & Easy Stretching exercises that are easy and fun to do, Plus these easy pilates exercises are great therapy for improving your Strength and Balance.

 Benefits of Senior Easy Exercises DVD

• Build Strength,Balance & Flexibility
• Regain muscle (lost from the natural aging process)
• Increase your metabolism
• Stop bone loss (osteoporosis)
• Tone up
• Burn Calories

• Lose weight

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The Senior Easy Sitting / Standing Pilates Exercise DVD

Easy Exercises Seniors / Elderly  & Rehab Strength Fitness Exercises

These Easy Senior Pilates exercises on this DVD are orthopedically safe and require no special equipment. The exercises are specifically tailored for seniors and elderly and those that cant use weights /machines. The exercises are Non Impact & Non Aerobic making this the best easy fitness & exercise dvd for seniors that want to do some form of strength, balance, and flexibily exercises.
Seniors can Exercise alone or with a group of friends. These Easy Senior Strength & Fitness exercises can be done any time, anywhere. These 'Senior exercises' can be done Sitting or Standing. The pace is slow and relaxed. The SeniorExercises on this DVD has specail exercises every muscle group. After just a few weeks, You’ll notice more strength, flexibility, Balance and an overall improvement in your fitness level.

Sunshine demonstrates each of these Special Seniors Exercises, using proper form. You’ll love her high-energy, motivational approach to these Senior / Elderly Easy Pilates, Isometric, Balance exercises. It’s like having your own personal trainerone-on-one!

Order now and be on your way to Good Health!

Senior Easy Exercise DVD Features

DVD format (Region 1: Playable only in U.S., Canada, U.S. Territories) Color, Full Screen, Digital Sound.

Funcercise Easy  and Fun Exercise DVD

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Combinations for Seniors Light Weight Exercise DVd / Video for  Strength Training.
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Exercise DVD
Exercise DVD

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The Senior Exercises DVD Exercise DVD

This  Senior exercises DVD has :
• 5-minute warm-up and stretching
• 30-minutes of isometric exercises that target everymuscle group
• 5-minute cool down - stretching
• Special Bonus 5-minute breathing routine & relaxation with nature. Click to see clip
• Also includes healthy suggestions

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Exercise DVD
Exercise DVD


Exercise DVD
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